kbmMW Pro/Ent v. 5.05.10 and kbmMemTable Std/Pro v. 7.78.10 released!

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This is priarely a bugfix release, but it also includes a new ISAPI REST server side transport making it possible to host kbmMW based REST servers within Microsoft Internet Information Server’s. Notice that kbmMemTable v. 7.78.10 is a prerequite for installing this version of kbmMW.

Downloads readily available for users with up-to-date SAU from […]

REST easy with kbmMW #11 – Hosting using Internet Information Server (ISAPI)

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  With next release, kbmMW REST servers will be able to be hosted under Microsoft Internet Information Server by compiling the REST server as an ISAPI dll. This blog explains how to make such a dll, how to setup IIS under Win10 to be able to run it, and how to debug it from within […]

ANN: kbmMW Professional and Enterprise Edition v. 5.05.00 released!

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We are happy to announce v5.05.50 of our popular middleware for Delphi and C++Builder. If you like kbmMW, please let others know! Share the word! We strive hard to ensure kbmMW continues to set the bar for what an n-tier product must be capable of in the real world! This is a major release with new features […]

kbmMemTable v. 7.78.00 Standard and Professional Edition released

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This is a fix release that is a  prerequisite for kbmMW v. 5.05.00: Added support for ALTER TABLE RENAME COLUMN syntax in SQL. Improved MAX/MIN string aggregation. Fixed Extract function. See the full list at end of post.   kbmMemTable is the premier high performance, high functionality in memory dataset for Delphi and C++Builder with […]

kbmMW Features #1 – Pretty binary

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The new kbmMW Features blog post serie will talk about various smaller, but useful, features within kbmMW. This blog will be about the new upcoming TkbmMWPrettyBinary class found in kbmMWGlobal.pas.

kbmMW’s logging framework has for quite a while had the ability to convert binary data to “pretty” readable string data. Since such a feature can have broader use cases, I decided to extract it  from the logging framework into a selfcontained class of its own.

REST easy with kbmMW #10 – Logging to a database

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In the upcoming release, the logging feature will have been improved in various ways. One of the new inclusions is the TkbmMWVirtualLogManager and its interface IkbmMWVirtualLogManager.

The virtual log manager can for example be used for logging select logs to a database, which this short blog will focus on.

kbmMW LINQ #1

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LINQ… what is LINQ? Well its a term used in C# which means Language Integrated  Query. Next version of kbmMW will support our own variant of LINQ. In reality we can’t make true C# LINQ functionality, because it require the compiler to be aware about the fundamentals of LINQ, and Delphi is blissfully unaware about […]

REST easy with kbmMW #9 – Database 4 – Data augmentation and XML

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This blog post will focus on one way of augmenting data returned from a database using the ORM, serving this as a wellformed XML result to REST client’s using as little code as possible. kbmMW’s ORM is pretty good at fetching data from a database based on a class. Sometimes we want to augment the […]

REST easy with kbmMW #8 – Database 3

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In previous articles we have seen how easy it is to use kbmMW’s ORM to maintain database structures and access and manipulate data. Next release of kbmMW continues to extend on the ORM with additional features designed to make typical chores easy. Most often, you want records to disappear from a table the moment you […]