kbmMemTable v. 7.77.30 Standard and Professional Edition released

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This is a bugfix release fixing the following issues: Fixed compilation in D2009/D2010. Fixed ftString PopulateField and CompareFields bug affecting NextGen compilers (locate/sort). Fixed order of destruction of FRowOrderIndex. kbmMemTable is the premier high performance, high functionality in memory dataset for Delphi and C++Builder with kbmMemTable Professional topping the scales as being the worlds fastest! […]

kbmMW Scheduler Tidbits #5 -Synchronize multiple parallel jobs

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Next release of kbmMW further improves on the TkbmMWScheduler. The scheduler supports adding jobs to run given a quite extensive set of time conditions. It also already supports running jobs in the background, and when they are done, handle some foreground update of the GUI in a safe and consistent way. However what if you […]

kbmMemTable 7.77.20 Std/Pro bugfix release and kbmFMX 1.03.00 Tokyo support release

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We are happy to announce a bugfix release for kbmMemTable Standard and Professional Edition, fixing a couple of bugs reported by users:

Further we have released a RAD Studio 10.2 (Tokyo) compatible version of kbmFMX, which is our high performance Firemonkey controls for Windows, IOS, Android and OSX, which includes: TkbmFMXDBGrid – A high […]